Achieve a good BEE (BBBEE) Scorecard

Strategic implementation of BEE (BBBEE) using the Amended Codes is vital to achieve a high BEE score. The impact of the Amended Codes will be substantial, a current level 4 generic could quite practically drop to a level 8 or even non-compliant. Companies worse than a level 6 on the old codes will likely become non-compliant.

The good news is that EconoBEE has a solution that is both practical and very achievable.

Understanding BEE - What is BEE?

Phase 1. Understanding the BEE Amended Codes with a particular interest in understanding what your company can implement. Training courses are typically best done early. BEE is very time sensitive - ie the earlier it is implemented the better the potential result. We host various courses on how to practically implementat the Amended BEE Codes. We find it is extremely important to cover activities and action plans in great detail.

BEE Scorecard Calculation - Planning early

Phase 2. Impact Analysis. Convert the current data into an Amended Codes scorecard. This will show you where your business is being impacted. Once done, identify gaps to earn additional points. A detailed strategy with an achievable action plan should be drafted which must take into account details about your business. EconoBEE's EconoBEE V4 software is a cost effective scorecard calculation tool which has been updated to include the Amended Codes. This software will help you calculate your scorecard using the Amended Codes. This information will help you identify gaps and potential solutions.

Alternatively EconoBEE through our Managed Service will proactively manage your BEE status. Our consultants will assist you throughout the BEE process which will ensure you achieve a higher BEE score without the admin burden on your business.

BEE Implementation

Phase 3. Implementation. Activities on the scorecard need to be implemented sustainably. In each instance it must make complete business sense. EconoBEE is able to assist you practically with implementation. Our assistance relates to all elements and will be managed on a project basis or long term retainer.

Additional BEE Resources

Our knowledge base contains all the BEE codes in a downloadable format. Alternatively we have many articles containing tips, suggestions and even technical facts on how to best implement BEE activities.

BEE News

Do you qualify as an Empowering Supplier? - EconoBEE Newsletter - 26 November 2015

on 26 November 2015

Do you qualify as an Empowering Supplier? An answer of "no" for your Empowering Supplier status could seriously impact your BEE status. If a company fails to meet the Empowering Supplier Status requirements then their entire scorecard is not able to be used by their customers. It is therefore vitally important to ensure that each criteria is carefully analysed to...

Are you an Empowering Supplier?

on 25 November 2015

Do you qualify to be an Empowering Supplier? An answer of NO could seriously impact your BEE status. If a company fails to meet the Empowering Supplier Status requirements then their entire scorecard is not able to be used by their customers. It is therefore vitally important to ensure that each criteria is carefully analysed to confirm compliance. If not...

Maximise your BEE Points with EconoBEE's Managed Service

on 17 November 2015

The Amended Codes will have a profound impact on most businesses BEE scorecards as most businesses haven’t adequately prepared. This will result in a massive drop in score. EconoBEE is a leading BEE consultancy. Through a long term managed service process we are able to assist companies maximise BEE opportunities within their existing business structures. Our continuous long term strategic...

Comments on the draft MAC charter, gazette 39175

on 05 November 2015

IntroductionIt is impossible to give a proper and detailed critique or constructive suggestions on a document that is riddled with errors. The biggest concern is the stakeholders themselves seem to have no real interest in supporting the process.In particular we note that the letters of support from the stakeholders form part of the gazette, and rationale for a specific MAC...

BEE Trumping clause - EconoBEE Newsletter - 5 Nov 2015

on 05 November 2015

BEE Trumping clause 24th October 2015 was an important date in the history of BEE. It marks exactly one year since the B-BBEE Amendment Act came into effect. The Amendment Act instituted many issues including penalties for fronting and the appointment of the BEE Commissioner. One little commented on aspect that has huge implications is section 3(b) of the Amendment...

Repeal of Sector Codes Not Aligned to the Amended Codes - EconoBEE Newsletter - 3...

on 03 November 2015

We are definitely starting to see the impact of the Amended Codes. Recently a large corporate released their first Amended Codes scorecard. They dropped from a level 4 to a level 8. Particularly interesting to note was that they were discounted 1 level for not achieving their sub-minimum on Enterprise and Supplier Development. The impact is certainly going to be...

Time to Abolish the Sector Codes - EconoBEE Newsletter 13 October 2015

on 13 October 2015

Our last newsletter "Overlapping Rating Periods - Right or Wrong" received such a wonderful response. Unsurprisingly it is a very controversial aspect of current verification preparation. Hopefully we will see some positive responses from the DTI to accommodate the unfairness caused by the DTI's delayed announcement. Time to Abolish the Sector Codes The sector codes have been a problem since...

Employment Equity Reporting

on 13 October 2015

  Each year people are required to remember many different things. For example, every year you remember to process new financials, pay your taxes, wish your friends a happy birthday and you remember to do your workplace skills plan submission and your employment equity reports. Some of these tasks are far more important than others. I wouldn't want to upset...

Time to Abolish the Sector Codes

on 13 October 2015

The sector codes have been a problem since the day they were first released. They add no value to the transformation process – in fact many companies use the “imminent release” of a sector code as a reason to continue delaying their own BEE activities. Companies choose to follow a sector code only if it is in their interests. We...

Overlapping Rating Periods - Right or Wrong - EconoBEE Newsletter - 1 October 2015

on 01 October 2015

  Overlapping Rating Periods - Right or Wrong BBBEE Compliance is a complex set of rules and regulations. Coupled with differing interpretations and confusion from DTI, Verification agencies, Consultants and companies themselves, it is sometimes quite daunting. Unfortunately we once again have a rather important issue to debate because of interpretations relating to the date of a certificate and the...

BEE Success or Failure - EconoBEE Newsletter - 10 September 2015

on 10 September 2015

  BEE Success or Failure In every facet of business life in South Africa, Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment plays a substantial role. Since BBBEE is so important for business in South Africa why then are so many falling short on their own targets, or becoming overwhelmingly frustrated at having to meet seemingly impossible legislative requirements? Understanding some of the...

BEE Success or Failure

on 10 September 2015

In every facet of business life in South Africa, Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment plays a substantial role. Since BBBEE is so important for business in South Africa why then are so many falling short on their own targets, or becoming overwhelmingly frustrated at having to meet seemingly impossible legislative requirements? Understanding some of the Reasons for failurePerhaps the most...

Dismissals - procedure for success

on 10 September 2015

Human resource management in any business is such an important job. Your employees are a valuable resource to your company in the same way that a chemical resource is important to a soap manufacturer, if not more so. The HR department has important roles in the success of any business in its current position as well as when it grows....

Advertising industry - hypocrites

on 10 September 2015

The dti minister has released the MAC Charter in terms of section 9(5) of the B-BBEE Amendment Act. You can read it here. Section 9(5) means that the sector code has been released as a draft only. The public has 60 days to comment, after which the minister can decide to publish it as a formal sector code which must...

So you need to become compliant? - EconoBEE Newsletter - 2 September 2015

on 02 September 2015

I feel different today - a day out of winter and my mindset is different. It's spring. Winter is over. I am looking forward to much warmer evenings to go out and enjoy my jogging. It is now appropriate to wear a t-shirt (and not a jersey). The public swimming pools are now open. The trees are blossoming and the...

Labour Law - Winning at the CCMA - EconoBEE Newsletter - 26 August 2015

on 26 August 2015

The entire EconoBEE team is very pleased to announce that our partners EconoHR will be hosting the first in a series of events covering technical Labour Law practices. Executive Summary The Labour Relations Act which was recently amended, governs labour practices such as disputes and dismissals. Procedurally incorrect or substantively unfair dismissals are costly, especially if they are referred to...

EconoBEE CEO Appointed to DTI Task Team - EconoBEE Newsletter - 13 August 2015

on 13 August 2015

The 1 May 2015 start date of the Amended Codes was completely overshadowed by the DTI minister announcing that Employee Ownership and Broad Based Ownership schemes would only award 3 points on the Ownership Element. We were very outspoken about this announcement which eventually lead to it being retracted - our articles on the matter are available on our website....

EconoBEE CEO Appointed to DTI Task Team

on 13 August 2015

Keith Levenstein, CEO of EconoBEE, a BEE advisory firm, has been appointed to the dti task team to examine and report on broad-based BEE schemes. The task team was established as a consequence of the controversy around ownership notices issued by the minister in May 2015. Levenstein said there has been concern about Employee Share Option Participation Schemes (ESOPS) and...

So you need to become compliant?

on 12 August 2015

If you need to be compliant, you will need to follow a long term process, that in the end becomes a habit. If you cannot answer "Yes" to every question in this checklist, you are likely to fail, or not achieve your own targets. 1) Does the board of directors understand B-BBEE, and why your company needs it? 2) Has...

The Big Impact of BEE on your Business

on 15 July 2015

How big is the impact of the Amended Codes on your scorecard and business? Perhaps your business was generic - between R35 and R50 million - now you will be a QSE. Perhaps you previously achieved a level 2 using the QSE scorecard or perhaps you used the generic scorecard and achieved a level 4 - in each scenario you...

The Customer is King - EconoBEE Newsletter - 9 July 2015

on 09 July 2015

The customer is king! Every business owner knows that their customers are ultimately their boss. Although a cliche, the reality is exactly that, the customer can dictate the products, services and even sometimes the price they are prepared to pay. If the customer isn't happy then they have the choice of many alternative suppliers. Employees in businesses know that they...

Black owned QSEs could drop a level

on 01 July 2015

The Amended Codes have made BEE more complex. One aspect of the codes intending to make BEE easier for small black owned businesses (QSEs) could hurt those businesses. The codes state that if a business has an annual turnover of between R10million and R50million (excluding those with sector codes), then they are a QSE.   A QSE is "automatically" level...

Amended Codes sub-minimum requirements - EconoBEE Newsletter 30 June 2015

on 30 June 2015

We always felt Preferential Procurement using the old codes was a particularly genius idea. The knock on effect from one business to another somewhat indirectly forced each business to get a scorecard. Add competition to that mix and suddenly customers had a choice of many, many different suppliers with a similar level. Suppliers very quickly realised that if they wanted...

SANAS and its own BEE certificate.

on 24 June 2015

We have many clients who procure from SANAS (SA National Accreditation System), see In many cases this is an exclusion to a company's eligible procurement, but it can be that it does count towards the procurement score, so we regularly call SANAS to ask them for their own BEE certificate. The BEE codes have specifically been designed to allow...

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What is BEE

Crash Course in BEE - B-BBEE in 5 minutes

19 September 2008

Get your FREE download of our BEE in 5 Minutes Crash Course. What is BEE? The BEE Scorecards Becoming BEE compliant What is BEE? BEE, or more accurately B-BBEE refers to Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment is a policy of the SA government which encourages companies to help transform the country. BEE is about broad-based activities that benefit black people....

BEE Verification - I Want My Company BEE Rated?

03 June 2009

One of the common and confusing BBBEE questions that most clients often ask is that they want their company rated or verified. We have prepared an easy to follow guide that will take you through the entire BEE Scorecard process. B-BBEE Scorecard What is the BEE Scorecard and do I need to comply? The scorecard is a tool designed to...

10 Steps to BEE Compliance

23 September 2007

EconoBEE's 10 Steps to BEE Compliance Smart businesses recognise the need for BEE, the really smart businesses have started to implement BEE and take advantage of the business opportunities within BEE. We have prepared the 10 most important steps a business needs to take in order to best implement BEE. Learn about BEE Look at where BEE is likely to...

BBBEE Scorecard Rating

23 September 2007

Time to produce a BEE Scorecard With the gazetting of the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice some of your customers have started asking you about your BEE Status. As time goes on companies will need your BEE Scorecard more urgently and may start looking for alternative suppliers. In a short period of time any company that does business with any...

Become BEE Compliant

12 July 2006

Need to be BEE Compliant - But don't know how? Let EconoBEE show you the way Many companies in South Africa need to Become BEE Compliant. We have prepared a short guide to help you Become BEE Compliant. {slide Why Become BEE Compliant?} BEE has many business opportunities for your business. By complying with BEE you could increase the size...

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BEE Certificate for tenders? EconoBEE is able to help you achieve the highest possible BEE level at your next verification.

Over a period of nearly 10 years we have contributed almost 1000 articles relating to Black Economic Empowerment. In addition to a massive amount of content we have been on radio, TV and in the press often, always relating to highly technical topics.

Knowledge of the legislation is one of our key strengths. Although having such great knowledge of this complex legislation, we still find the most challenging part of implementing BEE for companies is the implementation! Spending the time or money on a BEE certificate is somewhat easy. Any verification agency will be happy to take your money and eventually issue you with a non-compliant or low scorecard. Customers on the other hand will not be so happy to receive your non-compliant/low scorecard - but by then it is too late - not only for the customer but also to implement any activities that will earn enough points.

Our approach to B-BBEE is refreshingly different. We focus on the future. What can still be done with the time available to achieve the results required. The verification is retrospective and therefore looks only at the past. A truly successful BEE certificate needs to focus on future activities.

Pro-active vs reactive... it is no wonder our clients achieve a higher score on average than their competitors.

The EconoBEE Way

About Us

EconoBEE is a BEE consultancy. We have a vast infrastructure to assist our clients go through their BEE certification effectively and without hassle. Our consultants will offer simple practical advice to better implement activities. Through our assistance our clients regularly achieve a higher BEE score than their competitors while spending less time and money on BEE activities.

BBBEE Solutions

With a comprehensive product and service list EconoBEE's primary consulting service - managed services - is tailored to clients needs. We also have a range of support based solutions designed to allow clients the ability to manage the BEE process on their own.


With over 10 years of experience, our interpretations, approach to compliance and ultimately our knowledge of the industry we are able to offer our clients a superior result.



Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME)

Exempt Micro Enterprises (below R10 million per annum) are Exempt from producing a BEE scorecard. They are automatically allocated a good BEE score. Click here for more...


Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE)

Qualifying Small Enterprises (between R10 million and R50 million) have a simplified version of the BEE scorecard. They are able to score more points while investing smaller amounts of time and money in this process.



Generic businesses follow all elements of the B-BBEE scorecard. With carefull planning and long term implementation approach they are still able to achieve a high, successful BEE score.

Long term process

BEE - a long term process

A successful Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) implementation is a journey. A long journey, that needs to be implemented one small step at a time. At EconoBEE we recognise that implementing BEE requires long term planning and sound business advice. Our consulting process is designed to assist clients long term without them feeling overcome with technicalities or an admin burden.

BEE Solutions

Finding your way - how to become BEE compliant?

BBBEE compliance can be daunting because of it's detailed complexities and importance to your business.

Gather additional resources through our basic guide to black economic empowerment.

Business Growth

BEE Points = Business

Need a BEE scorecard? BEE, B-BBEE or Black Economic Empowerment is a business imperative.

The BEE Scorecard is an essential tool which contributes to the success of your business. The key to this success lies in the number of BEE points you are able to earn during your BEE Rating. We help you find BEE success...


Up to date Library

  • Download legislation and useful documentation
  • Legislation in searchable format including interpretations